7.5.2013 “Peacocks”

LA and Thoth deplane, collect their bags, and drag them to Air Train. They buy two 30 Day unlimited subway passes, then take the subway to West 110th Street, hauling their bags up and down several flights of stairs. Their friend, Robert lets them in and shows them to their room. “It’s so cute!” LA says. They take turns unpacking their suitcases and trying out the double loft bed. “We get to sleep together,” Thoth says. “I wasn’t expecting the bed to be this big. Just like Jim’s.” LA and Thoth say hello to Robert’s wife, Jane, when she gets up. Robert helps LA and Thoth set up the internet. LA and Thoth walk to get bagels for breakfast, then walk to St John the Divine. They explore the huge cathedral and sing into several rooms and domes. “It would be amazing to prayform here,” Thoth says. In the garden, two peacocks, one white, are frolicking and crying. On the way home, LA and Thoth stop at Morningside Park to sit in the sun. They almost fall asleep. LA gets an energy drink from the neighborhood bodega. “That helped me wake up,” LA says. Back at their apartment, LA and Thoth find that Robert has set up a temporary wireless in their room. Robert and Jane go out and LA goes into the living room to use the internet. She writes the blogs while Thoth finishes organizing their room. LA walks to the bank to deposit some money. Thoth checks emails and has received one from his mother. The greeting is ominous so he doesn’t read