7.6.2013 “Finish Early”

Thoth gets up, makes coffee, and watches the men’s semifinals of the French Open Tennis Tournament. LA gets up at 10, puts on makeup, and does her hair. Heavy rain. They take the subway and walk to the tunnel. Paul is there. No performers. Michael shows up and asks if he can play. “Sure,” Thoth says. ”We’re not starting till 3 pm.” Michael plays his flute then his harmonica. LA has a long discussion with Paul and Kishan while Thoth talks with Michael. The Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance. No one but the homeless and mischief makers are around. After “Anya” LA says: “My voice isn’t feeling so good. I don’t know if I want to play anymore.” “You guys always finish early when I’m here,” Paul says. A group of four teenagers come into the tunnel and show interest in LA and Thoth’s set-up. “Okay okay I’ll play,” LA says. The teens stay for the entire “Romanza.” A small wet crowd gathers around the Dynamic Duo. A photographer from Australia approaches them. “I would love to photograph you guys. Are you in need of photos?” he asks. “We have lots of pictures of us,” LA and Thoth tell him. “What we’d like is a really good, live, music video?” “We can do that,” the photographer says. The photographer watches them play “LA’s Waltz,” then they discuss making a video. They exchange cards. “I’ll give you a call,” he says. “Yeah, we’ll see,” Thoth whispers to LA. Thoth talks with Paul about death while he and LA pack