7.8.2013 “In A Museum”

“I feel like I have a knife in my back,” Thoth says. He works on a model in Maya. Wakes LA. She does her makeup and hair. Thoth showers and dresses. They go to Central Park. “It’s cloudy, but it won’t rain while we’re playing,” LA says. At the Angel Tunnel, the Boyd Choir is performing. Thoth photographs various angles of the tunnel. The Boyd Choir finishes and LA and Thoth set up. The Dynamic Duo starts early. People sit in the tunnel and listen to them during the first half of their set. During the second half, people stand outside to watch. “You can tell when it’s an Afrobat crowd,” LA says after the “Tango.” “They don’t come in the tunnel. They stare at us like we’re something in a museum.” A guy stands in the medallion in his jockstrap doing gestural movements with his arms wide. “He works with us well,” Thoth says. “Like he’s bringing people down to see us.” The Dynamic Duo performs “Chiado Tango” then packs up. Kishan comes by on his bike and says hello. LA and Thoth make a video then head to the train. Near the benches, LA goes over to the guy who performs in his jockstrap and says hello. “His name is John,” LA says. “Another John,” Thoth comments. On the way home, he and LA stop to get groceries. “I’m liking hummus again,” LA says. At home Thoth makes dinner. LA listens to music and redoes her hair. Thoth watches tennis and works on modeling in Maya and Sculptris. Bibi says: “Sometimes my fur sucks out pain. Sometimes not.”