8.1.2013 “Dove Off The Spatula”

As Thoth is going to dance on the hill, he sees two coyotes walking through the brush. After situps, he showers and starts editing the Client Questionnaire. LA wakes, and she and Thoth take a bike ride to Vons. They lock up the bikes. In the store, they get bagels and juice. They find some pomegranates, too. At home they toast the bagels and blend smoothies for lunch. LA cuts open the pomegranates, de-fruits them, and puts them in the fridge. LA and Thoth brainstorm performance ideas. They discuss doing shows at elementary schools and indoor venues on a weekly basis. In the evening, they bike to Vons to get things to make salmon sandwiches for dinner. Thoth starts sautéeing the salmon. He has forgotten lemons so LA volunteers to go back out. “Get me a beer too,” Thoth adds. LA bikes to 7/11. No lemons. She goes to Vons. Thoth drops a piece of salmon behind the stove. “It just dove off the spatula,“ Thoth tells LA when she gets back. After eating dinner, LA cleans up. She looks for the<i>Clockwork Orange videotape but it’s missing. “We don’t have a VCR player anyway,” Jim says. He shows her how to navigate Netflicks. LA selects <i>What Dreams May Come. She watches it while Thoth works on tutorials. She and Thoth eat the chilled pomegranate fruit for for dessert. After the movie, LA showers. “We’re not playing at Dizzy’s,” Thoth tells her while she’s in the shower. She gets out. “Why not?” “They’re only centered on jazz,” Thoth explains. “Most, if not all, venues are genre based. There is no audience for our genre yet.“ Bibi says: “Four hours of cuddling is all I get these days. Too wound up.”