8.12.12 “For Blessing Us”

Thoth dances in the driveway then makes coffee and continues working on the new Website. LA gets up at 10 and calls Eden Bikes to order new bikes. She and Thoth drape old sheets across the back seat of Nancee’s car. They take off the wheels, put the bikes in the back, and drive to Walmart. They return the bikes and drive home. They make bagels and smoothies for lunch. “I don’t want to take the bus all the way to Heather’s party,” LA says. “What if I come along?” Nancee asks. “That makes it possible,” Thoth says. Nancee and Thoth hang decorations around the living room with the help of a little girl named Natalie. Jamie picks up LA and she drives her to Trader Joe’s to go shopping. Then they go to Jamie’s house and clean out her car and room. After Natalie leaves, Thoth works on the Website. LA and Jamie go for a walk. Back home, Jamie makes eggs, hash browns, and a smoothie. “I like it,”LA says, tasting it.  She puts on her headdress and makeup. Thoth takes a nap then gets dressed. Nancee drives Thoth, and Jamie drives LA to SF. The traffic is heavy on the bridge. Jamie and LA arrive at Heather’s house and find a parking place. Nancee and Thoth arrive soon after. After Nancee finds a parking spot they all go into the party together. Heather is happy to see them and is extremely talkative. LA, Thoth, Nancee and Jamie get food to eat in the kitchen. “I want to go home,” LA says soon. “I feel uncomfortable.” “Let’s play a song then go home,” Thoth says. They take out their instruments and put on their bells. Heather talks Thoth up. “I do my research,” Heather says. The Dynamic Duo plays “LA’s Waltz” and the “C-minor.” People love it. LA and Thoth pack up. Heather takes Thoth aside and gives him a gift. “This is for blessing us,”Heather says giving him a check. LA, Jamie, Nancee and Thoth leave. Thoth shows LA the check. “That’s so nice,” LA says surprised. “Brunch tomorrow?” Jamie asks. “At 11,” LA says. Jamie leaves. LA, Thoth, and Nancee drive home. LA showers and Thoth gets in bed. LA goes downstairs and writes till midnight. Bibi says: “”Unkie is such a wild guy.”