8.2.2013 “In Front Of The Fire”

Thoth works on the EPK on the sofa near sleeping LA. Sunny. He goes out back to call Cynthia to re-scheule their dinner plans. “I thought it was going to rain,” he says. “I think we will go out to play this afternoon.” “Then we’ll pick you up around 5,“ Cynthia says. Thoth returns to work on the EPK. Heavy rain and hail. LA wakes and she and Thoth talk about the strange weather. “I changed the plans for dinner,” he tells her. Sunny again. She gets up and goes out back to work out. Afterwards, she makes smoothies and begins a new drawing while watching Sense and Sensibility. Jim comes home and has lunch. Heavy rain. Thoth writes. Around 5, Steve and Cara pick up LA and Thoth and drive them to Cynthia’s. LA and Thoth watch Wall-E on television with the baby Annaliese while Cynthia gets dressed. LA lounges on the couch. Cynthia shows Thoth around the house and tells him about the fire a few years ago that destroyed her home. “What an ordeal!” Thoth says. A few more people show up. “I’m uncomfortable being around all these people,” LA whispers to Thoth. “I want to go home.” “I don’t know what I can do for you,” Thoth says. Everyone eats teriyaki chicken, potatoes, scallops and asparagus. After dinner, Thoth helps Cara straighten up the kitchen. Everyone chats and tells stories. LA lies on the floor in front of the fire and takes a nap. “I don’t feel