8.3.2013 “G-string Breaks”

Hard rain. Thoth writes and watches tennis. LA sleeps very late. She gets up and spends the day watching documentaries on Youtube. Hail. LA and Thoth get dressed. “I want to cancel these shows,” LA complains. “No one comes.” “Alright,” Thoth says. “Let’s talk to Jim about it.” “You talk to Jim about it, LA rails. “It’s your fault we’re doing them,”LA continues. “If you would have asked me, I would have said no.” “Sorry!“ Thoth says. They bike to Art Lab. “This was how I was feeling last week,” LA says. “Angry and sad.” As they get ready, more people show up. “There’s a lot of people here.” Thoth says looking out the door. The Dynamic Duo go on stage to Gorecki’s Symphony #3. During “Romanza,” LA’s lamb hoof shakers fall off her ankles, during “LA’s Waltz,” her shells slip off, during “Gypsy Dance,” her G-string breaks. “We’re going to have to take a short break,” Thoth announces. Everyone sighs. The Dynamic Duo goes into the back room, and Thoth puts a new G-string on LA’s violin. During “Plucking Song,” LA’s G-string falls out of tune. Thoth forgets the opening of “Festad” and creates a new section. LA’s G-string is so out of tune during the “C-Minor,” that Thoth is forced to stop and wait till LA finishes. At the end, people come up, thank them, and talk. “Everything was crazy tonight,” LA explains. Mel wants LA to make her a headdress. LA takes hers off and has Mel try it on. A few other girls try it on and take pictures. Everyone laughs. Corey