8.4.2013 “Errands”

Thoth drinks coffee while catching up on several computer projects. LA gets up and Thoth says: “I’m not feeling well.” Julian makes breakfast. “I need to do some errands, can you give me a ride?” LA asks him. “Sure.” he says. LA makes an appointment at Supercuts. Julian drives LA first to the audio repair shop. The technician is unpretentious and helpful. “I can fix them,” he says. She pays him, and she and Julian go to Supercuts. The lady gives LA a trim so her hair is a bob and straightens her bangs. They drive to Sally’s Beauty Supply. LA gets some fixative spray, curling mousse, and some bobby pins. Finally, she and Julian stop at the bank to cash a check  then drive home. Thoth is writing and studying. At home, LA makes some turkey sandwiches. She and Thoth start the laundry. She bleaches the roots of her hair. “Thoth can you help me?” she asks. “I can’t do the back.” Thoth goes into the bathroom with her and does the back of her head. When he’s finished, LA lets the bleach sit for an hour, then conditions and puts white toner in it. She lets it sit for another hour. She watches scenes from The Mist while Thoth works on Sculptris tutorials. LA washes her hair then makes some lobster ravioli for dinner under Thoth’s watchful tutelage. Bibi says: ”No comfort beneath the chin. New pain?”