8.5.2013 “Paul Is Waiting”

Thoth goes to the café to get coffee. At home he drafts a response to his mother’s mean email although he still won’t read it. Talks with Robert about the internet issues. LA gets up and Thoth forwards his email to LA to read. “It’s so sweet,” LA says. “You’re standing up for me.” She goes out and buys two smoothies and a bagel. She goes into an apartment building and knocks on a door for a while until she realizes it is the wrong building. She and Thoth have breakfast then get dressed. LA plays Dead Can Dance while putting on her makeup. Upon leaving the apartment, they encounter a light rain. Take the train to 72nd street and walk into Central Park. Their friend Paul is waiting for them. They hug him. No performers and few people are around. LA and Thoth set up. The Dynamic Duo plays a a short set. “You still got it,” Paul says to Thoth. “Let’s be finished,”LA says after Thoth’s solo. “There’s no reason to overplay on our first day out.” “You’re exactly right,” Thoth agrees. They talk to Paul as  they pack up. “We’re married now,” LA says. “Last time you said you weren’t even dating,” Paul says. “We never dated, we just got married,” Thoth enjoins. After saying goodbye to Paul, he and LA walk to the Duane Reade on Broadway to buy salt for nasal cleanses. Next, they walk next door to buy snacks and dinner at Trader Joe. With several bags, they walk back to the subway and take the train home. Unpack and put the groceries in the little fridge. LA calls a few people. The door bell rings, and Thoth runs downstairs to get the box of 200 CDs from the UPS delivery person. Upon inspecting the CDs, he discovers that the title is missing. He and LA do nasal cleanses then have an appetizer. LA takes a shower. Thoth heats up some palak paneer for dinner, then LA does. Afterwards, they work on computers. Bibi says: “Cozy!”