8.6.2013 “All You Needed To Do”

Thoth writes then watches the women’s final from the French Open. LA gets up and does her make-up and hair. Thoth dresses. “I’m glad we’re getting out to the park early,” Thoth says. At the tunnel, the Boyd Choir is performing. Two of the singers perform familiar opera arias, then Julia and Vasili play some popular classics. “We’re the only ones who do original music,” Thoth says. “There’s no excuse for anyone to try to horn in on our time. Ever!” Kishan comes and sits with LA and Thoth. “I’m going to get the phone number for Parks Enforcement,” Thoth says, “so we can call if the Afrobats arrive and turn up their boom box.” He walks to Skaters Road. He finds a couple of park rangers and has a short friendly chat with them. “I got it,” he says to LA when he comes back to the tunnel. LA and Thoth get everything ready in the wings. Thoth meditates before the string players are finished so he and LA can setup and begin promptly at 3 pm. The Dynamic Duo play “Anya” to a large audience. After “ChiadoTango,” a young woman starts singing popular opera arias in the wings without asking LA and Thoth if they were finished. LA rolls her eyes at Thoth. After chatting with some friends and fans, the Dynamic Duo decide to play one more song. Their friend Michael goes over and asks her to stop. The Dynamic Duo performs the “Scottish Song” for an old friend of Dan R’s, Steve. The girl goes to the back of the tunnel and continues singing. “All