9.1.2013 “Fabrics”

Thoth runs around the neighborhood. He dances on the hill overlooking the freeway. “I think I want to dance up there nude,” Thoth remarks to Jim. “That will cause a lot of attention,” Jim says then leaves for work. LA gets up. “I need to mail a CD,” Thoth says. They bike to Rite Aid. “Damn! I forgot the CD!” Thoth says. “I’ll have to go back to the house.” He buys an envelope. “I’ll get bagels at Vons and meet you at Art Lab,” LA says. Thoth bikes back to the house, gets a CD, and meets LA at Art Lab. They bike to the post office. “I’m in such a bad mood,” LA says. She waits with the bikes while Thoth mails the CD. On the way home, they stop at the Methodist church down the street. A woman opens the sanctuary for them. LA and Thoth look inside. “The acoustics aren’t so good,” LA says. “They do concerts here all the time,” the woman says. “I’ll get you a flyer.” LA and Thoth thank the woman and bike home. They make bagels and smoothies. “I’m so upset!” LA says. ”I want to play.” She and Thoth go out back with their sprouted chia, kombucha drinks to watch the sunset. Chilly, they go into the studio and talk. “We can do walkabouts,” LA and Thoth realize. They have an inspiring brainstorming session then get the digital recorder. “Let’s try playing in front of the fabric store near Lestat’s,” Thoth suggests. They get dressed and bike to Discount Fabrics. LA puts on her