9.3.2013 “Scared”

Cloudy and chilly. Thoth puts away the dishes and cleans a bit, then works on the EPK. LA wakes. “My voice feels weird” she says. “I can’t sing.” She tries vocalizing for Thoth but just squeaks on the high notes. “See?” she says. “Don’t stress about it,” Thoth says. “You’ll only make it worse.” She tries singing a few scales at the piano. “That’s as high as I can go,” she groans, then sits on the bed and cries. “You’ll be okay,” Thoth says. They get dressed and Thoth goes with Jim to get the bikes. Once dressed, they borrow Jim’s car and drive to the park in silence. LA cries. “I’m scared,” she says. “There’s nothing to be scared about,” Thoth says. “Don’t worry.” They park and walk to the park. As they set up, Forrest shows up and they talk with him. “I’m terrified I won’t be able to sing,” LA says. The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya.” “I’m fine.” LA says. “There’s something there, but I’m fine.” They continue with a full prayfomance and gather large crowds. At the end, Forrest tells them that he thinks some people took CDs without paying for them. After packing up, they walk with Forrest back to the car. “We need to have sushi together again,” LA suggests. “Let me know when you want to,” Forrest says and he goes to his car. LA and Thoth stop at Sprouts and buy things for dinner. At home, they take off their costumes and count money. LA cooks her salmon. Thoth eats roasted asparagus, baked potato, and chicken. They have cookies for dessert. Thoth sits on the couch and tries to work, but passes out. LA watches videos on Youtube, then showers. Bibi says: ”Don’t forget to spring forward across the dreams of tomorrow.”