9.4.2013 “Pay For The Room”

Thoth cleans kitchen, makes coffee, and begins working on the cover for the Heaven Scent CD. LA gets up. “I’ve had a headache all morning,” Thoth moans. “I don’t usually get headaches.” Thoth and LA bike to Vons to get smoothie stuff, then they pick up some toiletries at Rite Aid. After dropping off the groceries at home, Thoth goes back out to the Post Office and gets money orders to pay for the room in NYC. Gets Fedex envelope. LA buys Silver Light shampoo and conditioner and a long pink wig on Amazon.com. Thoth comes home and continues working on the CD cover. He and LA talk about the set list for the recording session on Thursday. Thoth makes pancakes and bacon for lunch.  Jim, LA and Thoth drive to pick up Jamie at the airport. At home they all make dinner and talk. Jamie and LA take a shower together, then Jamie goes to bed. Thoth shows LA the new CD cover and talk about it. Bibi says: “Calm rest on his breast.”