9.5.2013 “Can’t Sing”

Thoth goes to the café on Columbus Avenue and gets coffee then returns to the room and edits the blogs. “I didn’t sleep well,” LA says to Thoth when she gets up. “My throat is bothering me. It feels very dry, like a sore throat, but I don’t have any other symptoms. I don’t know if I can sing today.” Thoth gets in bed to cuddle with her. She gets up and does a nasal cleanse. Thoth talks with Robert about LA’s condition. He recommends vitamin C and vitamin B12. “The body doesn’t make it’s own Vitamin C, and yet it’s necessary for our health,” Robert explains. LA and Thoth dress and take the train to 72nd Street. John Boyd’s two eldest children, Victory and Abraham, are singing in the tunnel. LA and Thoth wave to them and they wave back. “They play that CD player very loud,” Thoth comments. Victory and Abraham finish around 2:30, then LA and Thoth set up. “It’s one of those days when I don’t know until the last moment if I can sing,” LA says. “All I ever ask of myself is to sing ‘Anya,’” Thoth says. The Dynamic Duo sings ‘Anya.’ A huge crowd develops to listen. “I can’t sing anymore,” LA says when they finish. “It’s dangerous.” LA puts her violin away and sits down in the wings of the tunnel. Thoth plays by himself. LA moves to a pillar at the front of the tunnel to watch. Thoth plays several pieces from the beginning of Act 1 of “The Herma” and gathers a large crowd. After the flying piece, two women come up and inquire if Thoth is a Sufi. “I