9.6.2013 “Ironic”

Thoth watches the men’s finals of the French Open Tennis Tournament. “Let’s go for a walk,” he and LA agree. A beautiful sunny day. LA and Thoth walk to the Vietnamese Sandwich Shop on Broadway and 108th to get slushies. Then they perambulate through Riverside Park down to 97th Street. “I feel moody,” Thoth says. “I wish we were prayforming today. Isn’t it ironic that on the nicest Sunday since we got here, the park is inaccessible?” They walk back to Broadway and look for something to eat. They decide to have brunch at Toast. LA has a lobster roll and Thoth, some eggs. The food cheers him up. LA and Thoth walk home. They work on some projects. For dinner, LA goes to the grocery store to get food. Thoth doesn’t like his food. “Spoiled,” he moans. They watch Return of the Jedi. Bibi says: “Cheeky is so cheeky.”