9.8.2013 “More Intimate”

Thoth works on some video footage. Jamie gets up and goes up in the loft with LA. Jamie’s ringing phone wakes LA. “Let me sleep,” LA moans. Jamie leaves for the wedding. Thoth wakes LA late. “I didn’t sleep so good,” LA says. She and Thoth get ready quickly and go to the park. “The threat of rain keeps the breakdancers away,” Thoth observes. The Boyd choir is singing. “I’m tired,” LA says. After the Boyd Choir stops, John Jr. chats with Thoth. He and LA set up. The Dynamic Duo plays an entire set. LA does her solo. Dominic and Kendra show up at 5 while the Dynamic Duo are packing up. “Did you get my message?” LA asks Kendra. “Yes,” Kendra says. “Why didn’t you respond?” LA says. “There wasn’t anything to say,” Kendra says. “I agree. We shouldn’t alienate the other performers.” A group of Korean children dance to a popular song outside the tunnel. Dominic asks them to stop, but they continue anyway. Dominic and Kendra play once they finish. Rain. LA and Thoth pack up and leave. “Can I nuzzle your nose?” LA asks Thoth as they stand on the stairway. “We don’t have sex, but I’ve never been more intimate with anyone but you,” Thoth says. They walk to the subway in the rain. “I wouldn’t mind this every day,” Thoth says. “Light rain to keep the Afrobats away.” At home, they change clothes, and LA takes a shower. They go to the grocery store. Thoth forgets rice and goes back to the store for it. He and LA eat a snack then Thoth takes a nap. He makes dinner. They eat and LA cleans up. LA watches Next to Normal. “I hate that I can’t get anything done when we come back from playing,” Thoth says. “Don’t give yourself a hard time,” LA says. Bibi says: “We play, we jump, we giggle and hump.”