Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Tribal Baroque . . .


What are you doing?

TB: We are creating miniature operas using soprano and countertenor vocals, complex foot percussion, and violins. We sing passionate stories based on themes of love and devotion. The blessing of the work is to be able to release a huge amount of energy without hurting anyone. Although not against amplification in general, we know that it puts something between us and an audience and that something is an unknown. Thus we choose acoustic expression first, unless the circumstances make that impossible. Thoth believes amplification weakens a musician over time, making personal energy maximization very difficult, if not impossible. Our choice to be purely acoustic challenges us to focus and be heard above anything. When Lila’Angelique first joined Thoth, she took some time to develop stamina and vocal strength. But in the end, Thoth’s method has served her well. No fakery or falseness. Just pure, raw expression.


Who is Tribal Baroque?

TB: Tribal Baroque is Lila’Angelique and S.K. Thoth.


Photograph by Dan Rubin


Tell us something about those unusual voices of yours.

TB: Lila’Angelique has a high coloratura soprano and a Bulgarian sounding voice. People call it angelic in tone. Thoth is a countertenor who retained his low range. Using many different vocal timbres with dramatic flair, he can be both poignant and comedic. We are dedicated to vocal clarity and purity, and use overtoning, growling, chanting, screaming,… as spices in our hearty vocal mix.