Where did the name come from?

TB: The name came to Lila’Angelique one day during a prayformance when she clearly discerned the baroque quality of Thoth’s counter-tenor. While in Europe, we traveled to Madeira to perform at a hotel. At the hotel, we read a flyer with “Tribal Baroque” as the heading. We were using the name to

The Dynamic Duo in 2009

Photograph by Dan Rubin

describe our music. Suddenly we realized that Tribal Baroque was our name. It describes our unique sound: “Tribal” for the primitive but complex rhythms employed, and “Baroque” for the violin ostenatos and vocal qualities.


How was the group created?

TB: The group was created when Lila’Angelique moved to New York to study theatre at Circle in the Square Theatre School. On October 11th, 2009, she met Thoth in Central Park. Captivated by his powerful performance and presence, she pursued him as a mentor to teach her his unique violin method. After getting acquainted with his music, she began singing with him. Every day she danced, sang, and talked to him. Audience members would often tell us how beautiful we sounded together. After just a few months, we began collaborating and have been performing together ever since.


What language are you singing in?

TB: The language we are singing in is an improvisation of syllables and consonants that instantly express how we’re feeling, mixed with words and phrases from the various lands to which we have traveled. Thoth also uses words from a 252 character, cuneiform, language he created for his mythological world, Festad. He used it while prayforming his solopera, “The Herma.” After Lila’Angelique and Thoth started performing together, they blended their unique languages to create a new one.


Why do you wear costumes?

TB: We wear costumes because otherwise we’d be naked. All people wear costumes, some just do so with more individuality, creativity, and consciousness. Our costumes express our spirits and compliment each other. Lila’Angelique is white, pink, and silver, and Thoth is black, red, and gold. We are a singing and dancing the tao—yin and yang. Thoth is dark and Lila’Angelique is light.