How did you choose your names?

TB: Lila’Angelique has had many names throughout her young life. When she first met Thoth, he named her Pink Angel. A fellow classmate had dubbed her “the pink elephant” because she wore a pink wig every day to theatre school. When she told Thoth, he said “You’re not an elephant, you’re an angel.” Later, she chose Lila’Angelique, thinking it better suited her personality. Lila means “purple” in French and “night” in Arabic. It also means “play” in Hindu philosophy and describes all reality, including the cosmos. Angelique literally means “angel.” Her name is a balance between light and dark.

Thoth chose the name when he was twenty-nine. His mentor suggested – as a way to build self-confidence – that he find a deity that most resembled him. He found Hermes. However, because Hermes was not as close to his ancestry as he would have liked, he researched Hermes lineage and discovered Thoth.


What is your relationship?

TB: We are engaged to be married. Our relationship is very unique. It is based on tantra, a method of using sensuality to increase energy. We have an intimate understanding of each other which is necessary for doing what we do. Nothing can be hidden. Much intimacy, but no sex.

The Dynamic Duo

Photograph by Dan Rubin, NYC