“Anya” means “I am” in the language of the Festad (Thoth’s mythological world). It is done at the beginning of all Tribal Baroque’s prayformances.

Gypsy Dance

Created during Tribal Baroque’s difficult trip to Marrakech. The “Gypsy Dance” celebrates joy in the midst of sadness and despair. This music video was recorded in the magical realm of Sintra, one of Tribal Baroque’s favorite earthly vortexes.


One of the first pieces Tribal Baroque created together, Romanza is about love lost and regained.

Scottish Song & Waltz

Tribal Baroque spent an entire month in a commune in Ruigoord, Netherlands. This is a video of their visitation and interaction with an art installation by Wim Wenders.


In 2002, this documentary short about Thoth won an Oscar. It offers a brief glimpse into Thoth’s life and the things that motivated him to create a new art form.