PosterFirst and foremost, allow us to express our profound gratitude for gracing this digital realm and immersing yourself in the beautiful tapestry of words before you. It is with heartfelt sincerity that we extend our humble invitation, a whisper from the ethereal realms to be a witness to Thoth's majestic symphony - a sonic offering, a ceremonial prayformance.

Why, you may ask, have you received this invitation? Ah, dear soul: it is because your essence is rare and special. You are interestingly adorned with a remarkable gift—the true nature of which only the cosmic winds fully comprehend.

Yet, fear not, for the choice to follow this luminous path is entirely yours to make. There is no need for apologies or explanations should you choose not to embark upon this journey of enchantment. No expectation shall weigh upon your shoulders, nor shall pressure cloud your mind. This invitation, you see, is but a humble offering of love, a sacred whisper to convey our appreciation for the radiant brilliance that emanates from your very being.

May the blessings of the universe shower upon you, dear loved one, as you navigate the vast constellation of choices that unfold before you. Whether you choose to dance in the divine hues of Thoth's melody or to wander along a different path entirely, know that your uniqueness, your essence, has been truly seen and cherished.

Many blessings.

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In the mystical realm of the Angel Tunnel within Bethesda Arcade, Central Park, NYC, Thoth breathed life into the enchanting term "prayformance" to encapsulate his sacred craft. It is not merely a performance but a soulful duty — a daily melodic tribute to his core truth: "I am." Known as "Anya" in the ancient tongue of Festad (a mythological world he created as a child), meaning "first thing," this divine practice has been his steadfast companion for over three decades.

While today's trendy spiritual circles may toss around the term "prayerformance," Thoth's original "prayformance" transcends mere words; it is a solemn dance of action and essence. To him, each prayformance is a graceful embrace of the inevitable — a dance of death. This profound concept of dying well has been etched into his being since his youth. For Thoth, a well-lived life culminates in a final act of complete expression, returning every ounce of his being back to the tribe.

In the rhythm of each prayformance pulses the heartbeat of existence—celebrating not just life, but the art of departing this world with grace. It is a symphony of living and dying well, a harmonious melody that resonates through time and space. Through his passionate prayformances, Thoth guides us on a sacred journey of self-discovery and reverence, inviting us to contemplate the mysteries of existence and the beauty of a life lived authentically.

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Thoth DancesIn the awe-inspiring tapestry of life, we encounter the extraordinary tale of Thoth, a seventy-year-old twoman being whose journey began even before his first breath. From the very womb of his mother, an illustrious tympanist for renowned symphony orchestras, Thoth found solace in her rhythmic drum beats, setting the stage for his melodious destiny. At the tender age of eight, serendipity weaved its magic into Thoth's dreams, beckoning him to embark upon a new path—the study of the violin. Guided by the skilled hands of Mara Dvonch, assistant concertmaster of the American Symphony, and later by the esteemed Harry Glickman, first violinist of the NBC quartet, Thoth's musical devotion blossomed. But the rhythm of life whispered to him, urging him to explore beyond the realm of strings. A ritual of movement and discipline, akin to a vigorous dance, became his hallmark—the embodiment of his unique style, which some liken to yoga, yet truly is his own.

As the winds of destiny blew, Thoth found himself disheartened in his early twenties, prompting him to temporarily set aside his violin and delve into the depths of many other knowledges. Yet, a monumental revelation, a brush with the boundaries of life and death, rekindled his passion around the age of twenty-seven.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Thoth returned to his beloved violin, gracing the bustling BART stations of San Francisco, serenading passersby with his heartfelt melodies. Through the ebbs and flows of fate, the universe led him to the mystical Angel Tunnel, where a new chapter of expression unfolded. Embracing the powerful medley of his violin, countertenor voice, dance, theater, and spirituality, Thoth coined the term "prayformance" to encapsulate this soul-stirring offering to the world.

In the sacred confines of the Angel Tunnel, his artistic sanctuary, Thoth's brilliance shone brightly, capturing the hearts and minds of those who crossed his path. Such was the magnitude of his impact that it garnered him the prestigious Academy Award in 2002, bestowed upon him for a poignant documentary film centered around his extraordinary journey, crafted by the visionary Sarah Kernochan.

The symphony of life had yet another surprise in store for Thoth within the Angel Tunnel's magical embrace. In 2008, amidst the mystical ambiance, he crossed paths with his present wife and partner in music, the ethereal soprano and violinist known as Lila'Angelique. Together, they formed a dynamic duo called Tribal Baroque, embarking on a mesmerizing adventure that took them across continents, illuminating the hearts of audiences throughout Europe and the Americas.

Thoth's creative spirit has blossomed through several decades, culminating in a remarkable collection of original artistry. He has left his indelible mark on the musical landscape, gracing the world with ten soul-stirring albums as a solo artist and with his band "THOTH." And together with Lila'Angelique as Tribal Baroque, they crafted eight captivating albums, each a testament to their shared joy and boundless creativity.

Now, dear reader, take a moment to drink in the wonders of this tale. Allow yourself to be awed by the symphony of passion, perseverance, and unyielding devotion that dances through the chapters of Thoth's life. And as he and Lila'Angelique embark on a new chapter in enchanting Bali, may their journey continue to inspire and ignite the untamed spark within us all.

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Experiencing the Prayformance at the Sweet Orange Temple: A Guide for Visitors


Amidst the serene Kajeng rice fields, the humble, Sweet Orange Temple offers a unique and tranquil experience for visitors, highlighted by the original and captivating prayformance of Thoth.


TempleSituated in the middle of the Kajeng rice fields, just about 100 meters from Aldi's Eatery and Coffee, the Sweet Orange Temple boasts a picturesque setting. Visitors can expect a regular audience of various animals, adding to the lush idyllic atmosphere of the temple grounds.

Schedule and Timing

Thoth's prayformance ceremony commences promptly at 17:30 and concludes at 18:30 from Wednesday to Sunday, regardless of weather conditions.

Visitor Guidelines

• Please do not applaud, and respect Thoth's silent coherence during the prayformance, refraining from engaging with him until after the completion of his work, when he will answer any question.

• Consider bringing a yoga mat or pillow for comfort, although couches and chairs are available.

• To maintain the sanctity of the space, kindly turn off phones and do not smoke. Incense will be burning.

Contact Information

For precise directions to the Sweet Orange Temple, message us on Whatsapp: +1 628 276 3187


We eagerly anticipate your visit to the Sweet Orange Temple and hope this guide will enhance your experience and appreciation of Thoth's prayformance.

Thank you for your interest in this unique offering.

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